Friday, December 02, 2005

Just when you thought they couldn't get any lower...

... they go an make a movie like this (h/t LGF). The five minute ovation it received at the Turin Film Festival just speaks volumes of the same crowd that tripped all over themselves to give awards and praise to Fahrenheit 9/11, despite the fact it's obvious mishandlings of the truth (to put it mildly) made it such an blatant piece of propaganda that even Leni Riefenstahl would be proud (sorry to haul out the Nazi references so early but "if the shoe fits...").

To save some time I'll just cross post my comment from the above LGF post:
Anti-war protestors and 'artists' just love to share their views and opinions of what those who can no longer speak for themselves 'thought'. Because they can't fathom the idea that people can see things beyond themselves that they consider worth of the ultimate sacrifice they like to pretend that the dead, if given the opportunity, would join their side.

One big problem with this line of thought, as the mudville gazette pointed out, is that when you talk to people who should, by the left's logic, share their distaste for the war, namely the seriously wounded soldiers who have been forced to return from Iraq, it's actually pretty hard to find one with a negative opinion of their mission. But then again, when has anyone on that side ever let fact get in the way of a good opinion.

Strangely enough, the idea of the willing sacrifice is a pretty routine plot device used in all sorts of movies or shows. You see parents giving their life for their child, one sibling for another, or even a strangers sacrificing themselves all the time. Yet none of these are ever portrayed as negative and I doubt you will see too many movies where a mother who died saving their child will come back from the grave to bitch about it.

So basically, I guess this is just another declaration from the caring left that the lives of 27,000,000 Iraqis just weren't worth it and we should have just left well enough alone and allowed Saddam and his boys have their way. A man, they seem to forget, who was responsible for an average of somewhere between 2,000 - 3500 Iraqi deaths/month the entire time he was in power.

Can they honestly say that the vast majority of the 2,000 American soldiers who gave their lives over the past two years wouldn't be proud that their sacrifice saved potentially hundreds of thousands of lives? Or do Iraqi lives not count?
I just watched it on Scream and it was worse than I thought, and I had some pretty low expectations. Let's just say subtlety is not one of Dante's strong suits. Even removing all the political garbage (it presents every single left wing talking point over the last 6 years as fact), it's just not well acted or written.

This getting a standing ovation is truly the sign that the Bush Derangement Sufferers have finally lost what little grasp on reality that they had. I dare just one person to watch it and find any redeeming qualities (with the exception that every scene at least appeared to be in focus).


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