Thursday, December 08, 2005

How can you tell when a Liberal's lying?

Hi lips are moving.

I know it an old joke but it's never seemed more fitting than this year. On the wake of the biggest scandal to hit the ruling Liberal government comes the new Stockscam (tm) (it's getting to the point where we will run out of prefixes for -scam before the Liberals are finally booted out of power).

While it was rumored that the odd activities involving income trusts just prior to Minister Goodale's latest announcement, may have been due to some insider knowledge, most of the major news organizations (in Canada at least) have reported receiving confirmation from industry insiders that they did indeed receive early warning about the new tax and credit levels.

The fact that the pre-announcement rumors were using the same language and phrases as the official policy announcement probably doesn't help Goodale's case that no leak occurred.

(h/t Captain's Quarters)

P.S. I'm not sure who is programming Blogger's spellcheck but it's either a Canadian with a sense of humour, or someone with an odd psychic ability. The three options for "Goodale" are: "Godless", "Godlike" and "Coddles". Any one of which could be used to describe the actions of the current manifestation of the Liberal Party.


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