Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weekend round up

I haven't been blogging a whole lot this week due to a mix of 'Guild Wars' and trips to the Corel Centre for Sens games, I've still managed to find a few interesting sites which I guess I'll just put in another one of my 'Weekend roundup' posts.

First is the great Librano Generator thanks to Kate over at Small Dead Animals. Finally a chance to see a little truth in Liberal advertising.

Then this great little post (ok, well no so little) over at The Right Place. (You just know that Dems would do this if they could)

Debbie Schlussel and Jay over at Stop the ACLU have some nice little write ups on the bizarro world episodes of E-Ring and Law and Order from earlier this week. I have to say that Law and Order, formally required watching at my place, has dropped to a more 'watch it if I'm bored' type thing and it's almost entirely due to Sam Watersons's, 'Jack McCoy' character. I don't know what's happened but it seems this year, more than most, Jack has been whining more about feelings than all the previous years combined. If it wasn't for Fred Thompson and Annie Parisse I think I might even remove L&O from my PVR. E-Ring on the other hand, even with the odd storyline choice, is still one of the best new shows IMHO, and will have to do a lot worse than that to make me drop it.

Finally, on a more serious note, there are two great Mudville Gazette posts exposing just how the anti-war left try to use broad statistics and generalizations to make it appear that the war is going worse than it is without ever looking at the details.

The first one breaks down the number of wounded soldiers to show just what type of injuries the 15,000+ actually had. While every serviceperson injured in the line of duty deserves mention, if you listen to the left wing broadcasts or read the left wing sites you'd think that the 15K number represented the number of people who had been seriously disabled due to combat injuries when in fact the majority were on medical leave for less than 3 days.

That's not to make light of the 280 members of the military that have required amputations of one form or another or the close to 3 thousand (which may include the 280) which were sent stateside for recovery, but as their second article points out, despite what many on the left want us to believe, it has actually been quite hard to find many of these injured soldiers who are willing to speak against the war or blame the President for their situations. Instead, despite their life changing injuries, those who were on the ground and have seen first hand what they are doing in Iraq mostly seem to share the view that it was all worth it.

That second article, in particular, points out the logical fallacy so many of the extreme left arguments rely on. Since in many, if not most cases, they can't actually find any facts to support their opinions they instead try to use the 'average person' argument to make their case instead.

"Wouldn't an average person be upset if they lost a limb?" - Of course they would, but these are not you average person; these are heroes who have seen first hand what the WOT is all about and have returned with the knowledge that their sacrifice have helped free 50 million people from oppressive regimes and the ever existent threat of death for merely disagreeing with your government.

"We could have still negotiated with Saddam" - While an average person faced with the most powerful fighting force ever assembled on their front lawn demanding they change their style of government would most likely be open to negotiations, maniacal dictators like Saddam know that without their ability to rain terror on their fellow countrymen they have no power. An average person wouldn't have gassed defenseless women and children simply because they were of a different ethnicity than them. An average person wouldn't have official rape rooms within government detention centers. An average person wouldn't starve to death millions of his own countrymen so that he could save up a couple of billion in illegal funds for his own use or build a new palace, but these are all activities Saddam was known to have done or continued to do. So how is it that while he displays none of the traits of a average person, the left wants everyone to believe that he would have responded to demands or pleas that an average person would, especially given the fact that he hadn't done so in the last 20 years of demands from the international community.

Oh well, time to blow off a little steam in Guild Wars, like and 'average person' would.


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