Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Today's Ottawa Sun - November 22nd

While I'd like to claim this post was motivated by the latest Liberal show of contempt for Parliament, it wasn't. In truth it was all because of Lindsay. While I'm not really too much of a CFL fan (although I will watch the occasional game on TV I just find it hard to take a league with only 9 teams too seriously) I can say that I'm definitely rooting for the Eskimos to win.* Of course this would be the day that MacDaddy is at home "waiting for appliances". I guess I can try and protect the paper from all those freeloading Sun thieves who wander the office looking to save a quarter.

As for the Liberal's, once again they lose a vote on the floor which spells out, in no uncertain terms, just how little actual control they have in passing bills. While non-binding, if, as the ruling party, you had the entire opposition pass a motion to request an election be called in early January, for a February vote, I wouldn't be acting too superior about it. They know full well that their only hope of not having an election in the immediate future is for the opposition MPs to sit on their heels in order to avoid the dreaded 'Christmas election'. It's a pretty sad way to stay in power. While perfectly legal under our form of government, it manages to showcase just what is wrong with today's (and I would hazard to say yesterday's) Liberal party; this ingrained belief that they belong in power and all other are only pretenders to the crown, and as such they should do all they can to retain that grasp on the reins.

I know the Libs want the opposition to take down the government just so they can blame everything on them but really, just how gullible does the voting public have to be to accept that after 12 years in total control, the next couple of months will make all the difference and the Libs will be able to cure all the countries woes if only the evil opposition parties leave the wise Liberals to rule as they please. Please don't answer that, as, if the past is any indication of the future, I'm afraid the answer would be "aboutthe same as last time".

Personally, as long as the election is not on Christmas, Boxing Day or New Years I'm pretty ok with it whenever they hold it. And while I'm already preparing myself for barrage of "Stephen Harper eats puppies" type ads from the Liberals, and a few from the NDP I'm sure, I still can't wait for thewrit to drop.

*On a side note, I've always had a fondness for the name 'Lindsay' and Today's Sun just helps to show why. And if anyone from the Sun pictorial staff is reading, Kari (that's with an 'ari' not 'erry') is also on my topten list.


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