Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sen. Rockefeller: Admittedly Irresponsible

Ok, well technically he was just caught up in the moment when he actually denied responsibility for his vote (it's right at the bottom) authorizing the President to use force to remove Saddam, but it's the closest any Dem has come to getting to the heart of the whole "Bush lied!" meme. Check out the whole text over at Powerline (h/t Captain's Quarters).

Essentially their entire argument is we were duped by the mighty intelligence of President Bush and his vast neo-con cabal. How else can they claim that Bush somehow managed to get every intelligence gathering agency in the known world to go along with his plan to overhype Saddam's pre-war abilities. Their only defense, as is perfectly laid out in Rockefeller's statements, is to plead ignorance and then when that excuse is exposed for the strawman that it is, as Chris Wallace did so well in the linked exchange, go on the offensive, even to the point of insulting the interviewer.



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