Monday, November 14, 2005

Rogers planning to drop Newgroups

Just found out about this from a friend of mine today. According to this Rogers FAQ they are intending to drop Usenet as of December 15th.

Nice. The only real advantage Rogers had over Bell and they're giving it up. Of course this probably won't have any major negative impacts as the only people who really use the newsgroups are usually downloading things they may not want to advertise they are downloading, but when you compare the two services, Bell vs. Rogers, they are so similar that every little advantage can help.

Rogers: 100GB/mth with Extreme or 60GB/mth with other plans
Bell: unlimited

Download: Roughly equal at each price level

Rogers: 100KB/s (Extreme) or 48KB/s (regular)
Bell: 100-110 KB/s (regular). Ultra may or may not be higher.

Both offer additional online services such as antivirus/email/etc..

Both are roughly $50/mth for the Extreme or Ultra but both offer bundle discounts if mixed with other Bell or Rogers services.

I used to have Rogers (was signed up the day it became available in Ottawa) until they disabled my account repeatedly for 'bandwidth violations' even after I complied with, and even exceeded, they're requested reductions. After my second time dealing with a Rogers customer rep I switched to Bell. Then again, when the reps you are talking to have no idea how they are monitoring your bandwidth (total vs. constant usage) and can't tell you any of the usage numbers on your account, it's hard to trust them when they ask for a 25% reduction. By the end I could barely sustain 10KB/s downloads and was still be threatened with having my account disabled. And all this was before they put in their 60GB hard cap.

But, as Vic (the friend who sent out the original email) found out, if you call them up to complain they will make deals.

*Rogers Extreme upload rates, while similar to Bells standard rates (for Ultra and regular) come with a very big price. As your upload rate increases you available download rate decreases until you get to a point where if you are actually uploading at 90-100KB/s you will only be able to download at around 5 KB/s, if that. Bell on the other hand seems to be closer to full duplex in that their upload and download rates do not seem to affect each other.


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