Sunday, November 13, 2005

Rainbow Cinemas - The Best Deal in Town!

Finally got someone to go watch "March of the Penguins" with me today, and since he had not already seen "Doom"*, we hung around to go see that too. Each movie, $3.00.

Not that Rainbow Cinemas are paying me or anything but $6.00 for two movies; you just can't beat that**.

*This was my second time seeing "Doom" and despite the general panning it's received from the critics, it's actually not that bad of a movie. Sure, The Rock lays the marine commander thing on a bit thick, but even taking that into consideration it's still a pretty good action flick.

**I could have done without the 5 year old French kid who wouldn't shut up during Penguins though. Honestly, there is only so many times a father should shhh! his child before realizing it's not going to work and either leave or move where there is no one else around.


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