Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Quarter for your thoughts

I went to a going away lunch for a friend today at Moxy's (the new one in Gloucester not the one in the west end. The food rated a B but the waitresses an easy A+), when I received one of the new veterans quarters with my change. Not to take anything away from our country's vets, but do we rally need another quarter? We have different quarters for every event you can think of. Each province has their own quarter a couple times over, Tim Horton's had it's own quarter, Canada Post had it's own quarter (although I've only seen one, which I still have, and while the exact shape and size of a quarter it does not actually say it is currency anywhere on it). We even have quarters for personality traits for crying out loud.

I propose the Canadian Mint just start selling diamond tipped pens and issue quarters with the Queen on one side (and please get rid of the new portrait) and a blank 'canvass' on the other and let us just design our own.

And if the Government truly want to honour the veterans how about paying tribute through better funding of the current military, including their health and pension programs, instead of treating them like the ugly stepchildren no one wants to acknowledge except that one time a year. Just a thought.


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