Monday, November 14, 2005

A New government for the New Year?

As always, Captain's Quarters is right on top of the goings on in Canadian Politics. Whenever Canadian politics start to show up at Captain Ed's site I feel the need to check out Angry in the Great White North to see what else is brewing.*

Well, it looks like Jack Layton has finally woken up and realized that he's not really going to see much of the 4+ Billion dollars promised the NDP in order to prop up and already proven corrupt Liberal government**.***

I always thought it was extremely hypocritical of Layton to support the Liberals when he thought he could get something out of them while at the same time acknowledging the fact that they have been playing games with taxpayers money for a decade. Of course this is also the party that chooses to show how tolerant they are of other peoples beliefs by ostracizing members who dare have their own beliefs on subjects like gay marriage.

So get ready for a January Election. You got to give it to Canadian elections though. Just a month or so of actual campaigning instead of the American style which has campaigning starting years in advance. Then again, if our campaigns were any longer the ruling party, with their pretty much unfettered access to Federal funds, would have the country spent into a depression with promises of all kinds of social programs aimed at every special interest group known to man. I guess with every plus there are minuses.

*It probably wouldn't hurt to drop over to Blogs Canada either.

**I say corrupt Liberal government here not because I don't like them, which I don't, but because it has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they have in fact been using taxpayer monies for their own personal gains. Whether or not the current PM had any direct knowledge of those transactions (apparently we are to believe as Finance Minister and second most powerful Liberal in the country he was the only Quebec Liberal NOT to have any knowledge of high level payouts to Liberal friendly contractors) does not brush aside the fact that the majority of the Liberal party who was in power during the height of ADSCAM is still there. This is in direct contrast to the corrupt Republican government in the US which is corrupt simply because the Democrats and their extreme left supporters claim it to be true (despite all findings to the contrary). There are also the myriad of mini-scandals that they've managed to be cleared of over the last decade by the PM appointed "ethics" commissioner.

*** I've noticed I've been using *'s a lot lately. Just an observation.


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