Saturday, November 26, 2005

More 'tolerance' in the classroom

This post by Michelle just so perfect follows in the footsteps of my earlier Ward Churchill and Bret Chenkin posts that I just had to add it.

It's a story which involves yet another mix of a conservative student and 'tolerant' left leaning Prof; this time at Warren County Community College in New Jersey.

The background of this story is becoming an increasingly familiar theme. A young conservatives group was advertising a campus visit by Lt. Col. Scott Rutter, a Iraq war veteran, to discuss the accomplishments that have been made over in the Middle East. Part of this advertising included an email sent to the school faculty. Now instead of just ignoring this email, as most people would surely do, Professor Daly, a adjunct English prof at the College, took it upon himself to write a rather nasty reply*, which included statements about how the right thing to do in Iraq is for the soldiers to "turn their guns on their superiors" and how he would actively use his classroom to call for an all out boycott of the event. Can't you just feel the love?

Well it appears that Professor Daly has resigned his position at the college just prior to an emergency meeting that was being called to discuss what was to be done about the situation. Although it would have been interesting to see what the punishment would have been, if any, it is nice to see him at least admit partial fault, or at least that's how I see a resignation without a fight, you might see it differently.

And for any of the more left leaning readers who may wander by, I'd be willing to include a post where a conservative teacher threatens or demeans a liberal student using the power of his position, or otherwise creates a hostile classroom environment, if you can find one. Just leave a link in the comments to this post or drop me an email.

And if you find any cases, written proof (as in all these cases) as opposed to simple 'he said, she said' type stories would be appreciated, unless of course both parties stipulate to the facts of the incident in question.

* Daly's original response can be found here


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