Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Live Debate

I've just finished watching the West Wing's live Presidential debate and I have to say it was actually pretty good. Both the Democrat and Republican 'representatives' did a pretty good job showcasing their sides but I have to give it to Alan Alda; I especially liked his summary.

Of course if you've read this site at all you can guess my bias, but I have to say even though they brought in some present day controversy, such as the call for no war for oil, I think 'Vinick' did a great job shooting them down. I've always considered the "no blood for oil" call a pretty weak argument to begin with but Vinick's reply was short, sweet and perfect.

Now, if lean a little more to the left, you can be pretty happy with 'Santos'' arguments too, I just feel the edge goes to 'Vinick'. Either way, it was a pretty good show and did a pretty good job of representing both sides viewpoints.

In another surprise, not only was The West Wing a great episode but it was followed by one of the best Family Guy episodes E..V..E..R!! The Quagmire 'red carpet' scene was a perfect example of the comic timing that makes this episode priceless.


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