Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just pointing out the obvious

In keeping with today's theme of pointing out how so many on the left somehow manage to block out their own histories from their minds when discussing the 'faults' of the right, Jason has a list of liberal inconsistencies over at Generation Why?.

Just a handy little thing to have around the next time you hear anyone with a last name of Kennedy, Schumer, Feinstein or Durbin making public statements (not that pointing out their hypocrisy has stopped them before).

Of course, we have our own home grown Canadian examples of this type of liberal amnesia. One of the most comical was Chrietien's "I am not a lawyer" quip when trying to evade legal questions. But if anyone takes the time to actually click on his biography you will find this little entry under "Occupation"(which I believe at least one reporter was kind enough to point out at the time):
  • Lawyer (called to the Quebec Bar in 1958)
  • 1958 -1963 Lawyer with Chrietien, Landry, Deschenes, Trudel and Normand
  • 1962 -1963 Director of the Bar of Trois-Rivieres
  • 1986 -1990 Counsil with Lang, Mitchener, Lawrence and Shaw, and Senior Advisor with Gordon Capital Corporation, Montreal
Or his repeated statement, televised multiple times no less, about getting rid of the GST:
"But the commitment we've made to the public is we want to get rid of the GST. I've always said that the GST will go." (January 22, 1993 "CTV News")
which in typical Chrietien style he later denied ever promising.

It just goes to show you that Canadians and Americans are more alike than most people care to admit.

(And is it just me or does the fact that the Blogger spell check wants to replace "Schumer" with "schemer" make you laugh a little. )


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