Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Iraq War - A Soldier's Perspective

Sgt Hook has an amazing letter that explains what the War in Iraq is all about, from the perspective of someone who is there. If only the politicians could speak so eloquently.

While originally posted anonymously, as he is still on active duty and was unsure about the necessary clearances for making public statements, Sgt. Walter J. Rausch has since gotten authorization from OPSEC to allow his name to be attached to this letter.

Letters like these, as well as the many other testimonials from soldiers either still active or recently returned from the Middle East, in a saner world would be the news of the day. Instead, we are constantly bombarded with images of terrorist attacks and interviews with anti-war protestors which constantly try to make what should be considered an amazing accomplishment (25+ million people being freed from an evil dictatorship, who have managed to hold, or will hold, two elections and create a new constitution in less than 3 years in an area of the world where democracy is as foreign a concept as 'ice hockey') into a loss.

By any standard, what has been done in Iraq is simply amazing, and through the voices of the men and women who have actually served there, like Sgt. Rausch, more people will come to see the truth of that.

(h/t Michelle Malkin)


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