Monday, November 28, 2005

Bruce Willis - Alone in the crowd

Bruce Willis is a rare breed of Hollywood celebrity, a true A-list star who actively supports the War in Iraq. What also makes him unique is that unlike so many other celebs who speak up both for or against the war, he has actually spent time talking to, and reading reports from people who have been there as well as taking the time to visit the troops, both in theatre and back in the US.

So in a very Hollywood fashion, after seeing the onslaught of negative reporting from the MSM while at the same time hearing some of the amazing stories from the men and women who are actually there he decided to take action in the best way he knew how; by making a movie.

So, while the details are thin, it looks like the proposed film will follow the exploits of the Deuce Four, members of the 1st battalion, 24th infantry, that in addition to being heavily decorated, have great taste in their choice of unofficial logos.

So keep an eye out for this film, probably some time next summer.

(H/T Michelle Malkin)


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