Monday, November 28, 2005

As NOT seen on TV

The Logic Times has a very detailed breakdown of the number of civilian casualties in the Iraq War to date.

Now most people already know about the problems with the 100,000 number* so often thrown out by the anti-war, anti-bush crowd, but Aslan's breakdown of even's much more accurate 27,000 number, is simply fantastic.

Essentially he uses the IraqBodyCount report and then goes one step further to try to filter out the terrorists and the Iraq governmental forces, which due to their lack of uniforms, are generally included in everyone's numbers, to arrive at the actual number of civilian deaths. What he finds may surprise you. Mostly, that since the US invasion of Iraq there has actually been a 93% decline in civilian deaths as compared to the average over the same period of time during Saddam's rule. Now that's a statistic I doubt you'll ever see on the evening news.

Read the whole thing.

(h/t LGF)

* 100,000 is based on the now infamous Lancet study which not only included poor data collection techniques (understandable to a degree) but actually concluded a death rate of somewhere between 8k to 198k so the middle value of 100k was chosen. A range this large makes the results meaningless.


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