Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Time to come clean

I guess I may as well share the reason why I haven't been blogging as much lately. I suppose I could blame part of it on being sick for almost a month after my summer 'vacation' (some kind of inner ear thing that really threw me out of whack) or the mild case of the flu I had a few weeks ago, but no, the real reason I've been barely blogging for the last couple of weeks is that I'm a generally lazy writer, and ever since I 'upgraded' to Firefox 1.5 beta, I've lost my GoogleBar which means no blogger button. Without a blogger button I actually have to cut and paste addresses and use shortcuts to get to my create post page, something I just don't have the energy to do.

Sure, I could go back to IE until the bar is back, but once again, laziness prevents me from leaving the world of tabbed browsing. I can barely stand using IE at work when we have to fill in our weekly status reports, let alone for any actually internet browsing. I could also uninstall the beta and return to good old trusty 1.0.7, but you know, the laziness thing again.

Luckily, I haven't upgrade my work Firefox so my trusty Bar and button are still there. Of course, work has been picking up steam lately so I don't really have too much time to browse and write there either. It's been getting so bad at work that we actually have to skip out on FMMC meetings as often than not. It's hell I tell ya, just hell.

Well hopefully, the wonderful people over at Mozdev can get a new version of the Googlebar up for the Beta soon and everything can return to the way it was.


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