Thursday, October 13, 2005

Kilgore for President

Up until yesterday I had never heard of Tim Kaine or Jerry Kilgore, and not being a resident Virginia I still don't have any reason to really care, but after reading this post about Kilgore's ads over at I just had to check them out.

All I can say is wow. These are some of the most professional and powerful campaign ads I have ever seen. If you review the whole series you have ones that are light hearted (the "Not Terry" one is priceless) and ones that hit an emotional string so hard (the "Stanley" or "Kelly" ads) that I'd be surprised if Tim Kaine's own family would even talk to him afterwards.

I don't know who produced these ads, but they aren't being paid enough. Even the more negative ads manage to leave you with positive feelings towards Kilgore rather than just negative feelings towards Kaine. Amazing work.

If I were a member of the Conservative party campaign team I would be calling up Kilgore's campaign right now to find the brains behind these ads and book them for a flight to Ottawa ASAP. It would be nice to see something besides these 'casual conversation' ads they currently have running.


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