Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hockey is back!!

It may have been over a year since I've seen the Sens have played in the Corel Centre but all I can say is they've still got it. Not to take anything away from the 67's (Ottawa's Junior team), but it's just not the same as watching the NHLers do their thing. The difference is even more evident when you see the games back to back like this weekend; 67's last night and Senators tonight.

Of course the game was a little bit of a disappointment since they lost to Montreal, but since AJ is a huge Canadiens fan, at least one of us was happy.

Personally, I'm blaming the loss on Randor, who, due to sickness surrendered his half of our ticket pair to me earlier today, only to become revived a few hours later when Donna came up with club seats from her boss. That's a lot of bad mojo to be taking with you to the game and then sitting 4 rows back from the players. Next time, just to be safe, you'll know to give me the club seats.


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