Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Democratic roadmap to defeat

You know, while I would never vote for Gore, even if I could vote in an American election, I always had at least a little respect for him. I kind of viewed him as being a little similar to our Stephen Harper, not ideologically of course, but in the fact that both are unfairly treated by the press due, primarily, to their apparent standoffishness. But no more.

Sure he's made stupid comments in the past, the 'inventing the internet' thing being foremost amongst them (and yes I know he didn't actually mean to claim to have invented the internet but any reasonable person would have to admit his actual comment "I took the initiative in creating the Internet" even under the loosest translation strongly implies that he was a central figure) but now, even though he is not apparently running for any office, he's officially jumped from left of center to official Moonbat. His most recent comments at an international forum in Stockholm quite clearly showcase what so many people have been pointing out is the Democrats biggest roadblock to regaining any form of federal power, the willingness for not only their fringe members, but their leadership to openly condemn their own country to gain brownie points with foreigners or the far left.

Here's just some of his statements he made with regards to what would have been different if he had been elected President 5 years ago:
"We would not have invaded a country that didn't attack us," : that is probably true. As the Democratic record shows, there is almost no act (except possibly an impeachment hearing for the President about his committing perjury in court as well as outright lying to the American public on National television) that could cause them to take any forceful action against any foreign group/country that posed a threat. Even say a country that their entire leadership, as well as the Republican leadership, every intelligence agency around the world as well as every individual living within it's borders, condemned for their human rights violations as well as their continued violations of UN sanctions and was also believed, once again by almost everyone listed above, to have been involved in illegal weapons production. Of course, since they had been bombing Iraq almost daily for the 10 years leading up to Bush being elected (and I don't believe Gore ever called for the bombings to stop), I guess that would be more a question of semantics.

"We would not have taken money from the working families and given it to the most wealthy families." : This is one the lefts biggest logical fallacies that somehow, even though it makes no sense at all, continues to be considered by them as a strong argument. Now dismissing the fact that spending on 'poverty entitlements' has almost doubled under Bush as compared to Clinton (to over $360 billion/year), or the fact that tax revenues are up since the across the board tax breaks have been introduced, how does not taking away a little less money from someone somehow translate to giving it to them? The only way that argument works is if you assume all money earned by a person in the US actually belongs to the government and whatever they do not take from you in taxes is in fact what they are allowing you to have. I'm sorry, but I just don't subscribe to that school of thought. What I earn is mine and as a member of a group (in the above case, a citizen of the US), I agree to pay a certain fee (taxes) to maintain that membership. What many on the far left seem to forget is that, to the rich especially, that membership is voluntary, and if they feel like they are paying more than their fare share, they'll just shop around for another group to join.
(Right Wing News has a good post with the numbers showing just who pays what when it comes to American taxes. I highly recommend scrolling through the comments to one by Rose with the timestamp of 2005-10-12 11:21:38.)

"We would not be trying to control and intimidate the news media.": Yeah, I've seen a lot of that going around. Just look at all those administration praising stories on the TV news shows, or all those glowing editorials in the print media. Of course, he could be referring to the fact that right wing blogs today, which although by the most part are independently run and have no ties to the administration (despite the Democrats claims to the contrary), have been actually taking the MSM to task for their either sloppy reporting or outright false stories. Yes, it's a crying shame that people now have access to other forms of information to do some checking up on what they read in the NY Times or see on CBS. Of course, he could have a valid argument against the current administration if you expand the definition of 'intimidate 'to also include 'ignore'. I guess it could be intimidating when after so long a journalist may have to actually research a story instead of having it handed to them in the White House press room.

and of course no true moonbat screed would be complete without this gem:

"We would not be routinely torturing people," : I can barely dignify that statement with a response. As I mentioned above, it is that type of public statement by a Democratic leader, on foreign soil, that will help ensure they remain on the sidelines of decision making in Washington. To accuse your own countrymen of 'routinely torturing people' based on a case of a very small group of part time soldiers (who have been charged and several already convicted and sentenced for their actions) or the accusations of know terrorists, which even if true, don't even rise to the level of what is considered standard in American prisons or especially the French penal system, is shameful to say the least. To many Americans it is akin to an act of treason, although not to a level that they would be calling for any actual punishment, or at least I hope not.
Well Gore may not be actively campaigning for any public office, with statements like this it would be hard to separate him from almost every other Democratic Senator, Congressperson or Presidential hopeful that manages to get their face in front of a camera, and that is just a sad statement as to what the Democrats have allowed themselves to become.


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