Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Christmas in October

Ahh, GTEC, a once a year event where Santas from around the globe congregate in downtown Ottawa in the guise of tradeshow personnel and while it may not hold a candle to the type of thing you'd see in, say, Las Vegas, for sleepy little Ottawa it's huge.

This year the prize of 'Best Santa' would have to be a tie between the guys in the Telus shirts giving out very nice pens and poseable Gund lizards and the guy at the Software AG booth with the micro USB 2.0 hubs and 64MB USB keychains. While the gifts from AG are much more useful, the ones from the Telus elves are nicer to look at (and help bring some color to my monitor as they stretch out on top).

Now the only question is should I head back for round two tomorrow? There was a very nice LCD clock that would look perfect on my desk at home.


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