Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Some good news from Ground Zero

Looks like Governor Pataki has finally put his foot down to quash the IFC's attempt to turn the memorial at Ground Zero into a 'museum of freedom' that would have depicted various atrocities from around the world, many of which with a distinct anti-American point of view.

While not totally abandoning the idea, he is making sure it doesn't get built on the Ground Zero site, which I agree with 110%. I guess the fact that almost every Police and Fire Fighter organization that has chimed in on the proposal has denounced it, as well as the various groups representing the family members of those directly affected (although admittedly not all) and the thousands of concerned citizens who just thought it was just a very bad idea.

And if anyone thinks that the 'museum' wouldn't have become a showcase of anti-American sentiment, besides just taking a look at the groups that were supporting the plan, or take a look at what these same type of memorial builders had originally intended to immortalize the crew and passengers of Flight 93.

So I guess we can add 2 to the win column in these cases.

Michelle has a lot of links to her prior posts over at her site. LGF is also doing their part to spread to good news.

Just 42 minutes after Pataki announced he was in effect 'vetoing' any attempt by the IFC to build their 'museum' on the site of the World Trade Center memorial, they announced that they were closing up shop.

So I guess the old saying is once again proven true, "The three most important things about a group of far left organizations trying to build a monument in an attempt to convince others that all the worlds ills are somehow the fault of successful capitalists are location, location, location!"


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