Saturday, September 10, 2005

Memorial Outrage

Frankly, words cannot fully describe what I feel about this (h/t lgf).

With the infinite possibilities that exist for the design for a memorial to those brave men and women of UAL Flight 93 who gave their lives to help save those of people they most likely would never had met, what are the chances that a symbol, so closely tied to the religion of the extremists responsible for the tragedy would be chosen? Well if you let the same type of people who wanted to build the "International Freedom Center" within the new Ground Zero complex in NYC, pretty darn good.

And for those unsure that the memorial and the Islamic icon are related, the title "Crescent of Embrace" should be a clue as to the artists thoughts.

For those unfamiliar with the IFC proposal for Ground Zero, you can check out Michelle's series of posts on the subject, or just Google it.

And speaking of Michelle, check our her latest on the subject including a great graphic by Zombie to illustrate the point perfectly.


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