Saturday, September 03, 2005

The lowest of the low - part 2

I thought that I was done commenting on this with my previous post but then there was Kayne, Kayne West that is.

You have to see his comments to believe it. Riehl World News has a copy of the video showing Kayne's appearance on last night's Red Cross/NBC telethon. Watch it. Watch it now. It is truly a disgusting site to see. I just feel sorry for poor Mike Myers who had the unlucky draw to be paired with Kayne for their segment, so was forced to be on screen during the entire thing. Essentially what he said was this; President Bush hates black people and wants them all dead. That is not a misrepresentation or an attempt to make things sound worse than they were, that's actually what he said, live, on national TV, during a telethon to raise money for the victims of Katrina.

It is that 'victim' mentality, more than anything else, that hurts underprivileged people today. When you see the world through eyes like Kayne's, where everything that happens is first and foremost due to your race, it just leads to a lot of hate and very little movement. It's always easier to sit there and blame other people for your circumstances than to take responsibility and try to change them. Sure there are situations like Katrina, where you have to rely on outside help, but you still have to do your part, like perhaps, not shooting at rescue personnel.

Confederate Yankee has more, especially in his comment section and Michelle Malkin has some more on the story, such as examples of Kayne's previous work, as well as several link to other posts on the subject.

And just in case you'd like to think that this is just some ignorant rapper making these claims, head over to Crooks and Liars for these two posts to see the reaction from the left.

The 'speaking truth to power' or 'talking from your heart' mantras of the left are some of the most idiotic sayings I have ever heard. It doesn't matter if you truly believe in what you are saying, BS is BS whether you believe in it or not, and just because someone attacks someone you hate does not make what they say any truer. This blind hatred of George Bush by so many of the left does nothing to help any situation and only succeeds in marginalizing those few remaining true liberals who actually have something constructive to say.


Blogger D said...

What happened in New Orleans is a result of overbuilding, overpopulation, and lack of respect for our environment - that is why the city is now flooded. In regards to our Government's response, there is no excuse. We can spend Billions on wars and then Billions delivering aid and food to those countries (after we bomb the hell out of them) but we let our own die in New Orleans. Bush talks out of both sides of his mouth and trusting him is a huge question. I do wonder if the population in New Orleans were affluent white people, would the resonse have been better? Notice I did not just say whites but the key word is affluent. Our government does not care about our poor (black or white). It is all about money, oil, and power. That is why the Billions are spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, chasing Bin Laden and not facing the poverty in this country. Our gov't wants the oil, wants to control the oil, and nothing else. Unfortunately, the almighty dollar rules and our freedom as Americans is something of the past.
Regarding Kanye, personally I don't like his music and feel he is just propagating his cause using the words black people. Poverty is everyone - Black, white, Asian etc. What about the Vietnamese fishermen in Louisianna and Mississippi that have nothing now? The majority of my best friends are either black or Asian. The New Orleans thing is about money folks, pure and simple........

September 03, 2005 2:50 p.m.  
Blogger Bic said...

I love when people try to pull in Iraq and Afganistan into the Katrina discussions. What exactly does the Mayor of New Orleans or the Governor of LA have to do with the war in Iraq? Absolutely nothing and under the United States constitution they are the two people with the most authority in this type of situation. The President is only able to mobilize federal forces after requested to by the Governor, something which everyone agrees happened far too late.

From all reports I have seen, the Governor hesitated in calling for federal support because she was not fully aware of the level of devistation. This was mostly due to poor pre-storm planning which resulted in a loss of communication with the affected areas. She also failed to mobilized the National Guard units within LA, which she had the full authority to do, until after the fact. The people and resources were there, they were just not utilized.

This is a situation in which the people at both the Municipal and State levels failed to do their jobs properly. Their own hurricane evac plan was never followed. Why? Probably for the same reason so many who have the choice fail to flee these types of natural disasters. The belief that since they had survived storms before, they could do so again. Just look at the pictures of the hundreds of buses sitting in municipal parking lots if you want a idea of what could have been done if the Mayor had acted according to formal plan.

Essentially this is more a case of incompetance than of malace. By the time the governor finally got around to mobilizing the necessary forces, the infrastructure was destroyed and their ability to get where they were needed was severly hampered.

I will agree that things would have been better if the residents were better off but not for the reasons you believe. One, more people would have left the city under their own power, but as I mentioned earlier, had the mayor used the already available resources (government owned transport), instead of letting them sit in parking lots to be flooded this could have been done even for the poor.

Second, there would be fewer looters for the police and National Guardsmen to deal with as many of the looters actually choose to stay behind just to take advantage of the disaster. These same gangs have also been directly responsible for delaying rescue efforts by shooting at rescue vehicles and attempting to hijack passing trucks and boats.

But I suppose in your mind none of that matters because facts be damned when you can just blame Bush.

September 04, 2005 1:30 a.m.  

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