Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Katrina Controversies that weren't

Over the past few days I've seen a few great posts around the blogosphere debunking some of the various Katrina controversies. Instead of making separate post for each of them, I figured I would list them here, and possibly add any others I might find in my internet wanderings.
  • The Political Teen has a great video explaining the absents of Federal Troops on the ground in LA.
  • The Daily Howler has one of the best examples of how the big news organizations often create the stories they then report. Somerby's breakdown of the actual timeline for the reporting on the state of evacuees at the NO Convention Center is remarkable in how quickly the MSM, based on their own faulty reporting, created what was seen by many as one of the greatest examples of FEMA disconnect. The only problem was, it's a story that never was.
  • WuzzaDem has a complete breakdown of Jefferson Parrish's President Aaron Broussard's simply disgusting attempt to demonize the FEMA response to Katrina.


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