Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Welcome to Ottawa Dany

I'm still not too sure what to make of the latest pre-season, post-CBA trade by the Ottawa Senators. While it's nice to see Dany Heatley coming to Ottawa, it's sad to see Marian Hossa going to the Thrashers.

Hossa has been part of the backbone of the Senators for years and is easily one of the top players in the NHL today. It would have been nice to see him stick with Ottawa for a least one more shot at the cup but if we were going to have to trade him for anyone, Heatley is definitely not a bad person to trade him for.

Well, I'd like to wish Marian luck in his new home in Atlanta. I'm just wondering if he'll take his theme music with him. His combo theme (one of the few player with two perfect songs) that was played after every goal would really get the crowd going. I wonder what they'll play after Heatley scores?

mini-update: Just correcting spelling of 'Marian'.


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