Tuesday, August 16, 2005

They grow up so fast

I never mentioned this before, I was actually waiting to get my camera back from a friend who has been using it to create his own personal Ebay store so that I could add a photo, but about 2 and a half weeks ago, just days before going on 'vacation', I got a new dog; a 6 month old Shi Tzu. It basically all resulted from a call from my sister-in-law that essentially went like this:

SiL: "Hey, you want a dog?"
Me: "How much?"
SiL: "Free."
Me: "How old?"
SiL: "I think about a year."
Me: "Sure."

There was some additional talk about why they were getting rid of him but as it turned out what I was told (he was a barker, bites, etc) hasn't really presented itself. All in all, Foster (had to keep my pet naming pattern going and besides even he didn't seem to like his original name, Lancelot) seems like the perfect puppy. Loves the ferrets (although the ferrets haven't yet decided if they in turn love this overly energenic bundle of fur), loves all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood (a little too much in a couple cases), stays out of the garbages (even when there is food inside), and in most cases listens.

There is one problem though, despite my assurances to the contrary, he is not quite housebroken yet. That leads to the reason for this post. Today, for the first time he actually decided to use the puppy training pad instead of the carpet to relieve himself. Then to make the morning all the more surreal, as soon as I was finished getting ready for work he walked into his kennel and just sat there until I closed it up. (Normally, when I go off to work he sits in his kennel pleading to be let out, however, unlike the dog that used to live beneath me, even on those normal days he stops barking after about 5 minutes and then spends the rest of his day chewing on his toys or sleeping.)

Could this be a sign of things to come? Could all my prayers have been answered so quickly? Can I finally put away my Little Green Machine carpet cleaner instead of leaving it plugged into the dining room outlet? I would like to think so but my first guess is it's just some type of evil plot that Foster has gotten himself caught up into. I'm not accusing Foster, as he is only a puppy, but he was spending a lot of time with Miller this morning and I would never put anything past him.


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