Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ottawa Traffic (well sort of but not really)

I was shopping at everyone's favorite wholesale store earlier today and all I could think of was, why is it that once a person enters a large indoor structure (a mall, department store, Costco, etc..) they totally throw out the very rules of the road they used to get there. Now I'm not asking for signal lights on shopping carts or anything, but just the use of some of the same common sense people use every day while driving.

Like driving a car, it's not a good idea to just pull out from a side aisle without looking for oncoming 'traffic'. Also, like driving, it's rarely a good idea to suddenly stop in the middle of an aisle or make a sudden change of direction without at least taking a quick second to see if anyone is behind or beside you. And then there is my all time favorite maneuver of the two line straddle in which a person attempts to be in two checkout lines at once, just in case they can get out 30 seconds earlier. Just like driving down the middle of a two lane highway, it's not a good idea and mostly just serves to tick off everyone else.

On a side note, what's with the 'helpful' Costco employees nowadays. I don't know about everywhere else, but the one near my place now almost always has two people at every cash and the non-cashier is constantly grabbing at your stuff to get it on the belt faster. That might be helpful when you have a cart load of stuff but today was a new experience for me as this new 'helper', without saying a word, actually began grabbing items right out of my arms; I don't mean that figuratively as I only had about five things so didn't even have a cart. The people in front of me hadn't even gotten to the point of giving their membership card to the cashier when she began this strange mugging. I don't know if this is their new policy but if it is I can't see it lasting too long.


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