Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My vacation 'Round Up' post

Well I'm back from my 'vacation' (5 days of moving, 3 days of vegetating, 2 days (and still going) of some kind of stomach bug) so I've decided to write a quick 'round up' post of some of the things I've bookmarked while I was gone. (I like writing using my own keyboard at home or at work much more than using my parents.)

On the politics side:
  • Daily Kos: GOP spin on Roberts starting to unravel: I'm beginning to think that no matter who Bush nominates for SCOTUS the krew at Kos will have a problem with them. I think anyone more conservative than say the lead coucil for the ACLU will be considered extreme by these guys (and gals (wouldn't want to be accused of being sexist)).
Media Bias and/or PC madness:
  • Patterico'’s Pontifications� When Race is “Relevant” at the Washington Post: although I've seen this type of thing before it is still incredibly insane to think that a newspaper has this type of reporting as part of their guidelines. When armed suspects are running around robbing and killing people apparently it violates Washington Post guidlines to include the full desciption as provided by the police because the suspects are all black and they want to be politically correct. Apparently race is not an issue at the Washington Post (unless of course you're white as Patterico later points out with help from Ankle Biting Pundits)
  • LGF: What Media Bias?: Another example of MSM math where A + B = Bush is evil. What does the last statement have to do with anything else in the article?
On the funny side:
Just killing time:
  • Blast Billiards: Warning, this game can be quite addictive (which my brother can attest to first hand, if I can ever get him away from it long enough to type up a comment).
And that's all for last weeks browsing.


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