Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Left finally finds someone worth fighting ... themselves?!?

If you ever wondered why those of us who lean more to the right, politically speaking, often seem to be making fun of those on the left, wonder no more.

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, the founder of The Daily Kos, one of the most read of the left leaning blogs, is declaring an all out war on fellow lefties, the Democratic Leadership Council, for not being far enough to the left. Their major crime seems to be asking fellow Democrats to play a little less to the extremists in their party and to tone down the rhetoric. In answer to this, Kos has declared that he has a plan to make the DLC "radioactive". A plan he intends to put into action within the next two weeks.

Just look at his second to last paragraph if you want a clear example of the very type of talk the DLC is trying to combat:
"No calls for a truce will be brooked. The DLC has used those pauses in the past to bide their time between offensives. Appeals to party unity will fall on deaf ears ..."
While in this case Kos is using this to refer to his fight with the DLC, this type of war like language peppers almost everything said by those of the extreme left when they discuss the GOP, the Administration, corporate America or as in this case, fellow Democrats who they disagree with. It's even stranger considering most of the extreme left are very anti-war, no matter what the reason. Kos just doesn't seem to get the message that the DLC is trying to send out, mainly that the left is becoming it's own worst enemy. And then just read some of the comments by fellow his fellow 'Kossacks'. Priceless.

I guess essentially losing power to the Republicans in pretty much every way possible is not enough for Democrats like Kos. They will not give up until their Federal presence is somewhere behind the Independants.

Keep up the good fight.


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