Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina Blogging

Unsurprisingly, Katrina is the biggest story of the last few days. Blogs of every stripe have become little weather stations with discussions about wind speeds and rain levels and for good reason. Katrina is one of the most devastating weather anomalies to hit North America in decades and with the fact that she may actually make New Orleans unliveable for a significant period of time, people have a very good reason to keep an eye on how she progresses.

For a good view on the more technical aspects of the storm you can check out WeatherBlog, while Michelle Malkin and BuzzMachine both do good jobs collecting bits and pieces from all over the place.

But of course, in today's world, you couldn't have a situation where lives are destroyed without somehow it becoming one persons fault. If you can't figure out who that person is, then you haven't been paying attention for the last 5 years.

As Charles points out in this LGF post, Bush is already receiving pre-emptive blame fro both the contributors of DailyKos as well as Swing State Project for any damage to New Orleans for reasons that range from either deploying members of the National Guard to Iraq (although apparently they still have a very large contingent left in Louisiana and it appears hard to point to any specific shortfalls) to failing to build better levees. Apparently many members of the left have a hard time understanding the way in which government works. They appear to believe that George Bush sits on top of some sort of throne dictating from on high how all government money is to be spent, and I do mean all. Every penny of federal, State or municipal monies that are either spent or not spent on emergency preparedness is his fault. There's just no winning with some people.

No matter who people manage to point the blame finger at for this mess, here's hoping that the earlier predictions of the complete devastation of New Orleans and surrounding areas turns out to just be the 'worst case scenario' that never comes to be. While without a doubt, Katrina will have caused billions in damage by the time she's done, all we can pray for is that the cost in lives is lower than expected and that the recovery time is shorter. I'm sure that the next few weeks will bring an outpouring of human kindness that only this type of disaster can.

It seems that The National Guard has so many additional personnel that almost half of those available are still on standby (LGF) and not actually being called into action. As I suspected, another of the lefts argument shot down when the facts are revealed.


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