Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just a quick check in with 'Mother' Sheehan

In case you were wondering what the poor women has been up to as of late (in case you don't happen to ever watch the news) here is a picture taken just a day or so ago. A mother grieving with friends.

I didn't know Cindy knew Al Sharpton?

Hey, look in the background. Clearly visible over Sharpton's shoulder is a guy with a camcorder trying to record this tender moment. The nerve of some people. Maybe you can get a better view of him in this picture. (h/t to Little Green Footballs)

My only question was this taken before or after Martin Sheen dropped by for a chat with his old friend Cindy?

Don't forget to give her Diary at Kos a quick glance (h/t Protein Wisdom). I especially like how she talks about how "Camp Casey has healed my broken soul and heart" while on the same page asking "How do George Bush and other death-mongers live with themselves?". Ahh, can't you just hear the tranquility coming from her words. Like a gentle rain.

If you do happen to drop by Camp Cindy, you have to drop by David's tent or possibly take the time to stop and talk to one of the nice people from National Vanguard. I would link directly to their sites but apparently my firewall at work classifies these 'Mother' Sheehan compatriots' web pages under "Racism and Hate". I wasn't aware that Websense was part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to stop the spread of truth. You learn something new everyday.

Here's a friendly reminder. If you actually want to talk to 'Mother', you may have to talk to some of these people first. Please, don't think of them as publicists, just think of them as a really pushy, overbearing neighborhood watch commitee just doing their jobs to keep out the riff raff, you know, like FAUX News reporters (I don't know why Fox chose to spell their News channels name like that but it must be right because I see it spelt like that everywhere. I always though that would be pronounced 'foe').

But before you go you should talk to someone who has actually been there for some survival pointers. Captain Ed and Brian Maloney (of Captain's Quarters and The Radio Equalizer respectively), each share the story of Curtis Loftis, a man who managed to survive the hardships of the Camp for a few days. You laugh, but Al Sharpton was only there for a few hours and he couldn't get out of there fast enough. Must be the proximity to Chimpy McHitlerburton.


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