Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day Six of my 'vacation'

In case anyone was wondering why there hasn't been a post in the last few days, as of last Friday afternoon, I officially started my summer vacation.

So here is a breakdown of my first 6 days of 'vacation':

Day 1:
  • Loaded a 26' U-Haul with the entire contents of my brother's storage locker and half of the furniture from my apartment (well all the stuff that belonged to him anyway)
  • Got 4 hours sleep
Day 2
  • Drove for 11 hours in a minivan with two kids under the age of 9 (who love to pick at each other)
  • Got 6 hours sleep
Day 3
  • Drove for another 7 - 8 hours in the same minivan over a road that while only 600 kms, is either built like a snake's back or dirt (about half and half)
  • Got to Labrador City (Newfoundland) and had a nice home cooked meal
  • Got 6 hours sleep
Day 4
  • Drove 8 hours in the 26' U-Haul (this time I wasn't actually driving) to get to Goose Bay (about 530 kms on an all dirt road and not well plowed)
  • Unloaded the contents of a 26' U-Haul into my brother's new house (everything covered with at least an inch worths of dust)
  • Got 6 hours sleep
Day 5
  • Turned around and drove another 8 hours on the same road to return to Labrador City (after about 50 kms the muffler fell off so we were driving in a 20 year old standard diesel beast of a truck with no muffler)
  • Got back to Lab City
Day 6
  • Started my first day where I wasn't required to drive or do work since last Friday
And in 4 days I get to fly back to Ottawa so I can get back to work on Monday. Now, if I can only find some of my old friends who still live here to get a good game of Monopoly on the go I can say it was all worth it.

P.S. I may be on later this week but otherwise I won't be doing any regular posting till I get back to Ottawa and my own computer.


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