Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Canada's next Governor General

There can be no other explanation for Paul Martin's choice for the next Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean, than the Liberal love of politically correctness. Once he found a French immigrant who also happened to be female his heart must have been all a flutter; not just two, but three PC birds with one stone. With the added benefit that she has public speaking experience and the choice must have seemed like it was making itself. No need for any research into her background, or to bother looking further for someone who may actually have a history of community service, that would just be a waste of time when you obviously already have the best candidate. After all, just look at her.

Of course, if he had spent even a few minutes looking into her background he would have uncovered her and her husbands multiple ties to the Quebec Separatist movement, including a toast to separation caught on video. While none of which need be considered a 100% indictment of the pair, they do put their dedication to Canada, as a whole, into at least some doubt. And then there's the fact that Ms. Jean is a dual citizen of France and Canada and apparently is not required to surrender her French citizenship to take the position. So the official highest position in Canadian Government, the Queen's Representative in Canada, is also a French citizen. Nice.

I have no problem with a person with dual citizenships being made GG, but I do believe that once the appointment announcement becomes official, unless the second citizenship is to another Commonwealth country, it should be surrendered. Even if it doesn't technically hinder a person from doing the GG's job, it looks bad, in my opinion, to have someone who's allegiance is suppose to be first and foremost to be to the Monarchy in England, splitting that allegiance with another country. The fact that in this case the other country is France is immaterial.

But, sad to say, none of this will in any way affect Ms. Jean from becoming the next Governor General. It would be too much of a public defeat for the PM to withdraw his appointment of her at this time, and seeing he alone chooses who becomes GG, that is pretty much the end of the debate. So we may as well get used to seeing her jet setting around the world as Canada's official representative. At the end of the day there is really not too much that she will do to affect the political landscape in Canada. Gone are the days when GG's helped push for social programs and used their influence for the good of the people. Now the job is basically a rubber stamp process with the occasional State Dinner thrown in. At least she'll probably cost us less than the last one.

David Frum has a good piece over at AEI about Ms. Jean's now complete transformation from journalist to Liberal appointee.


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