Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today's Ottawa Sun: July 6th

This is actually just a pretty quick note about two short articles.

1) The NDP were recently given $3.4 million by Unions to purchase office building in downtown Ottawa. Well technically they were only given $3.1 million with $300,000 just loaned to them at a very nice interest rate. All this of course was done just weeks before the new legislation came into affect that would ban this type of donation.

First off, I totally disagree with unions directly spending money to support any political party. I have less problem with verbal support, but think that the actual $$$ should come from donations from the membership. Then can send out fliers and emails asking their members to give but they should not be giving out cash raised through forced union dues to further their political agenda (unless of course 100% of the membership agree with it).

Secondly, when will it dawn on the NDP that anyone that can give you $3.1 million at the drop of a hat is not necessarily 'the little guy' they always claim to represent. Unions today are as much a big business as the corporations their members work for.

And thirdly, even after this came out, they had the nerve to gloat about the fact that they are the only party currently in the black (but if you look at the numbers, they are in the + column by less than the cost of the building). Well why wouldn't they? Apparently none of the other parties were 'smart' enough to sneak this type of donation past Elections Canada prior to the new legislation taking effect.

2) PM Martin was over in Scotland yesterday preparing for the G8 meeting by dropping by a local pub and volunteering to pour a few pints of free Guinness to the patrons. I hope he got a lot of practice since after giving control of CSL to his sons (after several years in a 'cataract' trust, meaning not quite 'blind'), and with the serious possibility of losing power in the upcoming election (if Ontario voters finally wake up), there is a very good chance that within the next year he will find himself 'retiring' from politics and then unemployed. Of course that hefty pension the MPs all voted themselves a couple years ago should help in the transition period.


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