Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Nazis, Nazis everywhere..

It seems to be a growing trend on the left to throw out the term Nazi or Fascist whenever something comes up that they disagree with. This post on In Search Of Utopia is a perfect example.

Apparently, asking like-minded individuals to voluntarily cancel subscriptions to a paper with an extreme editorial view (in this case the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which was one of very few papers who fully supported Senator Durbin's remarks comparing soldiers at GITMO with Nazis (there's that term again), Stalin gulag guards and Pol Pot) counts as fascism.

I guess I was mistaken in thinking that people are allowed to spend their money how they see fit and support companies they agree with and not support those they don't. According to David Anderson (the blog owner), I am mistaken. Only protestors on the left side of the spectrum are permitted to do this. In those cases it's "an American Tradition" of taking action against evil corporations. When those on the right do so it's an attempt at "trying to shut down dissent" and therefore fascism.

I really don't think he understands what the word means.

I honestly cannot think of one case where people on the right called people on the left fascist for calling for a boycott of any particular companies product. Sure they might disagree with their reasons and call them idiots, but fascist, I doubt it.


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