Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Howard Dean .....

I think Dean has taken the old adage "physician, heal thyself" to a whole other level and has begun self medicating. There is not other way to explain his most recent Republican bashing rant.

Some people, on both sides, were wondering if these comments were real as they only appear on the Townhall.com website, but with a little looking around I found am even more interesting write-up on the speech at Seattle for Dean. Now it's not necessarily more interesting because of the other quotes that were included but for the tone. You can actually see, first hand, the mind of the type of people Dean is looking for. Someone who in no way sees a problem in someone claiming to be for a 'big tent' party while at the same time directly insulting the morals and integrity of roughly half of the country.

Thanks to Jeff over at Protein Wisdom for the original Townhall link.

You can follow the comments over at Balloon Juice for a little more on the subject.


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