Thursday, June 30, 2005

"This was business as usual..."

Wow, imagine that, another group of Democrats being tried and convicted of voter fraud in last years elections where they even went so far as to outright pay people for their votes (story via Gateway Pundit). Just for a bonus, the Democratic 'Director of Regulatory Affairs' is also being tried for attempted murder for his attempt to kill a witness who was going to expose the prostitution ring he was running out of city hall. You gotta love East St. Louis.

But of course, as any of the Democratic party faithful know, and are quite willing to point out to us uninformed, it is actually the Republicans that steal elections. The fact that everyone actually charged and convicted of fraud happens to be a Democrat is just an odd coincidence. As is the fact that more dead and fictional people vote in Democratic ridings then they do elsewhere.

(Original link via Powerline)


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