Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Ohio Verdict is in

Captain's Quarters points out that the DNC have finally gotten the results from their study on last years election in Ohio. If you remember any of the statements made by DNC members , Ohio was seen as a hotbed of Republican corruption and intimidation.

As it turns out, the report finds nothing at all to any allegations of voter disenfranchisement by the Republicans. It did point out that the lines in predominately black riding were longer than those in white ridings, but most of their reasoning seems to point to such things as poorly trained poll workers (which are the responsibility of the individual ridings)rather than an orchestrated effort by either party.

Even a Democrat organized and run review that stated no Republican interference wasn't enough to stop Dean from commenting (from
"It's been widely reported over the past several years that Republicans do target African-Americans for voter suppression. It's very clear here while there was no massive voter fraud, and I concur with the conclusion — it's also clear that there was massive voter suppression,"
A statement that triggered an immediate reply by one of the people involved with creating the Democrats report (did I mention this was a DNC report, paid for and run by the Democrats):
"Where the partisan bias came from, where it went, we really have no basis for making any assertion about that and I don't believe the report makes any statements about that," said Cornell University professor of government Walter Mebane Jr.
Which then caused Dead to backoff his previous statement with this:
"While we certainly couldn't draw a proven conclusion that this was willful, it certainly has the appearance of impropriety,"
So there you have it. The Democrats perform their own review which shows no attempt at active voter disenfranchisement in Ohio and even goes so far as to state that even if everything had run smoothly, the outcome would most likely have been the same. So therefore, in Deans mind, that equals "massive voter suppression" by the Republicans.
Two things Mr. Dean may want to consider.
  1. A bunch of sore loser Democrats saying it over and over does not count as "widely reported". In the real world where the rest of us live, we require some form of proof. When every allegation you make proves to be false, even when your own side does the investigation, at some point any sane person would decide maybe they were wrong. But since it manages to keep the extreme left wing of the Democratic party in a huff and active, don't expect reality to set in anytime soon at Dean speech writing meetings.
  2. As the Washington Times points out, there were several cases of actual election fraud in Ohio last year, mostly dealing with false voter registration cards.
But Dean won't mention those because as the report, conducted by Ohio election law attorneys, points out:
"Overwhelmingly, these problems were reportedly traced primarily to four Democratic political allies who supported Mr. Kerry: ACORN, America Coming Together, the AFL-CIO and the NAACP National Voter Fund."
Oddly enough, if you do a search on confirmed cases of election fraud, almost every case involves a Democrat or people working on their behalf. And many aren't just for illegal voter registrations either.

P.S. For some strange reason every time I try to type 'Dean' I ended up typing 'Dead'. Odd.


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