Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Like nailing Jello to a wall

That's what it feels like debating with hardcore left wing moonbats.

It all started when I followed this LGF linkover to Think Progress. The original thread topic is based on the odd coincidence that a few right wingers noted about the journalist that copied and then destroyed the original Downing Street Memos sharing the same name with one of Mary Mapes assistants who was directly involved with the whole Rathergate mess (in which 'original' documents were supposedly faxed to CBS and then destroyed).

By the sounds of it on this left wing site, it is a growing conspiracy theory driven by LGF and others. The odd thing is the timeline. Here's a brief breakdown of the events as they happened:
  • June 19th (7:55 PM): Scylla & Charybdis notice the name similarity
  • June 19th (8:52 PM): Charles notes the S & C story on LGF
  • June 19th (8:58 PM): Comment #5 on LGF notes the fact Michael Smith is a common name. Not yet totally dismissed, but conspiracy already in question.
  • June 19th (8:59 PM): Comment #7 seconds the coincidence theory.
  • June 19th (9:31 PM): Comment #8 at S & C sheds further light on the past works of the two Michael Smiths and everyone accepts that they are in fact two separate reporters.
  • June 19th (11:45 PM): Comment #106 at LFG repeats Comment #8 from S&C's claims.
  • June 20th (12:42 PM): Think Progress creates a post to show how the conservative blogosphere "desperate to discredit the Downing Street Minutes" is abuzz with this Michael Smith thing.
So there you go. Only 15 hours after a half joking article about an odd coincidence is already debunked (by conservatives themselves) the moonbats begin screaming about a new conspiracy theory born of desperation by the Right. If you read the LGF thread, you may notice that of the 559 comments (as of this posting), none take the theory the slightest bit seriously and few, if any even mention it. Most are commenting on the DSMs themselves and journalistic integrity in general (and of course the standard Karl Rove joke). The S&C thread does take it a bit more seriously, maybe 2 of the first 7 give the theory any direct support but even then they leave room for coincidence as does the original S&K posting.

As for the Think Progress thread, I jumped in to the discussion when it began changing topics (comment #109) (having already seen the 'conspiracy' debunked on LGF and Scylla & Charybdis). If you read through the comments you will see exactly what I am talking about when I say debating a hard core lefty is frustrating, but even at 3:00 AM I was in a pretty good mood but I knew that the same could not be said for the lefties on the site so I continued on.

You'll notice quickly that even when I (or other conservatives) back up our arguments with facts and figures, including direct quotes from Bob Geldof and Bono for crying out loud (trying to reach out by using their own icons), they refuse to believe that there is any way for a conservative led USA to have helped anyone anywhere in the world. If you are interested in some of the highlights, the 300's are a good place to look, although #299 is my personal favorite, that's where Justin states I don't deserve to be a Canadian.

Overall, this makes a good case study into the liberal way of seeing the world and their general modus operandi. Create straw man, attack it with everything you got, then claim victory no matter what the actual result. Oh yeah, and all throughout don't forget to pat yourselves and others on your side, on the backs for the wonderful job you are doing protecting democracy, the poor, the economy, yada..yada..yada.. (once again ignoring any actual facts to the contrary).


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