Friday, June 17, 2005

It's all your fault!

Wednesday was just one of those times where, when driving in the car, I decided to listen to the radio. It's rare but it happens. On this occasion I just happened to hear David McGuinty, brother to Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton 'if my lips are moving I'm lying' McGuinty, and Liberal MP for Ottawa South.

Well I do live in Ottawa, and MPs, of any stripe, are always willing to get themselves a little air time, so while I thought it might be mildly interesting but I was only half paying attention to what he was saying. That was, until the commentator (I believe it was 'Ottawa Noon' on CFRA 580 so it would have been Norman Jack), asked him about all the money that the Liberals have been handing out to essentially buy votes. ( I don't believe he actually said it that way but you could hear that he meant it that way.) In what may go down in history as the oddest statement ever made with regards to a government's mishandling of public funds, McGuinty actually stated that their buying off of groups, and in the case of the NDP entire parties, willy nilly across the country was solely due to the fact that we as Canadians elected a minority Liberal government. Even the commentators seems a little taken aback by that. He even repeated it several times when asked to clarify.

That was his position; as a member of a the ruling party in a minority government, a party who coincidentally is under investigation for freely spending tax payers money willy nilly in Quebec with much of it somehow ending up back in their own pockets, we the people, were actually giving them a mandate to spend our hard earned money like drunken sailors on weekend leave. (Last numbers I saw they were already up to $20+ Billion in promises and a formal election call is still most likely months away.)

I don't remember the part of the ballot that stated that in the case of a minority government, all fiscal management would be thrown out the window for the sake of the ruling party being able to buy a few extra votes when needed. I looked carefully at the slip, but all I remember were the various candidates names. It must have been on the back in small print.


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