Monday, June 20, 2005

Conspiracy First. Research later.

Or just another day at the Democratic Underground.

No, this is not a spoof site. This is an actual post on DU concerning the streaming video from the C-SPAN servers of the mock 'impeachment hearing'. The poster, with the oh so original name of 'AuntiBush', begins to scream of a nefarious plot on the part of, well we're not quite sure by somehow Washington is involved, to trace and monitor her (I'm assuming) computer. As the left has never met a conspiracy they didn't like, a few more of the loons jump on the wagon and begin pointing fingers at the CIA.

They continue this way, assuring everyone that of course they are being monitored, until one of the more enlightened DUmmies points out that as you are watching a live web feed from a C-SPAN server than that server is more than likely going to need to contact your computer. In fact the original warning as posted even stated that the port being contacted can be used by the GateCrasher Trojan and/or the RTSP streaming Media. Being a standard moonbat, the DU poster assumed a right wing trojan was attacking his computer (although apparently his anti-virus program could not detect one). Anyone else, before creating some insane theory of government agents trying to monitor your home computer, may have done a quick Google search for what "RTSP streaming Media" was and quickly realized that it is a protocol used by RealPlayer to stream live webcasts; say like a webcast of a bunch of crazy Democrats showing just how far removed from reality they have become.

Lucky for us, in this case a couple of Dummies with a higher than room temperature IQ dropped by and pointed out the sane explaination to old Aunti and her friends. Crisis averted. But will we be so lucky next time? Or will we have to endure months of demands for Senate investigations and Congressional hearings for conspiracies with even less basis in fact. Maybe even a press conference or two by some high ranking Democrats just trying to 'speak truth to power'. I really hope not, but if the past is any indication of the future, then I predict my hopes being dashed by sometime next week.

Thanks to LGF for the original link (as I had already hit my DU quota for the week).


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