Monday, June 06, 2005

A case study in Leftward thinking

If you've ever wondered what goes on in a far left thinking mind just check out this thread at the Democratic Underground Forums. You can almost hear the glee in their voices at the possible thought that the Koran desecration stories from Gitmo are true. Even cases of 'mistreatment' of Korans (which the government gave to the prisoners in the first place) which are unintended and fully explained in the report* are in their minds 100% proof that the Bush administration is evil. They don't seem to get the fact that if the US government was desecrating the Korans of prisoners on a regular basis then they would probably not authorize a public report about it.

I love the fact that in the same thread that they discuss pure assumptions and non-existent facts as if they were gospel (pun not intended) they also pat themselves on the back as being one of the only free bastions of truth. And notice how the one slight voice of reason, is ridiculed and challenged on his actual knowledge of Islam. Even when he mentions the fact that he minored in religious studies, which included Islam, and has several Muslim friends, he is still challenged about his knowledge by someone who himself presents no credentials except to repeat the same statements over and over. This is the lefts idea of debate. When facts or educated opinion are presented just ignore them and stick to your 'feelings'.

A few things are suspiciously missing from what I was able to read. The first is the fact that there were more cases of prisoners defacing their own Korans, including the infamous flushing incident, than of guards. The second is anyone pointing out the fact that Newsweek's story, which they claim is now justified, was still wrong. Even with all that has come out, Newsweek's actual assertions (mainly the systematic Koran abuse at Gitmo) have still been shown to be false, but then again 'fake but accurate' seems to be the liberal mantra as of late; facts be damned. Thirdly, the fact that recovered Al Qaeda training manuals specifically state that when captured, members should lie about mistreatment and torture by the people holding them. That of course won't stop Dummies (as Democratic Undergrounder are known on the right) and other staunch liberals from screaming from the rooftops whenever any prisoner makes any abuse claims, even when absolutely no proof is offered. Just check out the recent statement from Amnesty International for more evidence of this. Especially telling is their executive director's clarification (link to Captain's Quarters but there is a Yahoo News link in the post) of their most recent report which went so far as to compare Gitmo to the Soviet Gulags. As it turns out, they really have no proof of any abuse at Gitmo but basically just 'feel' that it's a bad place.

As a parting shot in the thread, notice the use the favorite left technique of creating hypothetical situations and then answering them with the most outrageous possible response. In this case namely the assertion that if these incidents had involved Bibles instead then Bush, along with his right wing cronies, would have declared war on the perpetrators. I feel sorry for this guy's lack of worldly experience. Namely the fact that this type of thing is done regularly as 'art' (a fact that is even pointed out earlier in the thread). Oddly enough, most of their arguments are as easily proven false but that never seems to phase them in the slightest.

If you read some other threads on that site you will becomes lost in the number of times they mention the fact that Bush cannot stand opposing viewpoints and is crushing dissent in the US. The fact that these loons have not all been rounded up already and are free to post those assertions in the DUmmies forums is an irony they just cannot grasp. While I normally encourage people to research any claims made, especially in a blog, you may want to take my word on that last bit. Spending more time then is absolutely necessary on Democratic Underground can be hazardous to ones mental health. The most I can usually handle is maybe 1 thread every two weeks or so.

*For the record, the peeing incident they are stuck on was reported after a guard took a leak near an air vent. A prisoner then claimed that a few drops may have come through the vent and as a result the guard was punished and the prisoner received all new clothes and bedding. The Koran, being in the prisoner's cell, may have been touched by a stray urine particle but no actual proof was shown. This is the type of case they just love.


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