Friday, June 24, 2005

"30 Days"

Why am I not surprised with this.

Over at Michelle Malkins, she has a post about the upcoming series "30 Days" brought to you by the guy who made 'SuperSize Me' and, interestingly enough, Michael Moores producers from 'The Awful Truth'. I've seen the commercials for this new series and can honestly say this is exactly what I was expecting, that is an attempt to present one person's (or in this case a team of people's) biased opinion as fact.

If you've seen SuperSize you know what I'm talking about. There was nothing at all scientific about the way he did his 'experiment'. It doesn't even reach the level of pseudo-science. For a prime example, not only did he eat only McDonalds for the 30 days, which was the topic of the movie, but he also stopped exercising almost entirely. Here's a note that even the most bias of researchers can tell you, you cannot judge cause and effect in an experiment with multiple criteria. Were his physical changes due to the food he ate or the fact he drastically changed his lifestyle?

Ever see those before and after photos for exercise equipment. They often use people who were formerly fit that for some reason had to stop their normal routines (accident victims are a prime source). The reason, as soon as they can start up there normal routine again they will lose all the weight and return to their former self. No fast food involved. Essentially the entire point of the movie was to make fast food look really bad (which I will admit it is not the healthiest thing out there) and he did whatever he had to to make that appear so. Just look at him eating his first meal for crying out loud. If he wasn't hamming that up to make it look as bad as possible then he has to have the weakest, smallest stomach on the planet.

So now he takes that same 'scientific method' to prove such things as discrimination in the US. While this could be the base for a valid study, this show is not it. It's no wonder that he uses Moore's producers as he appears to be ready to use much of Moore's methods to make his opinion appear as fact.


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