Thursday, May 12, 2005

Trusting the foxes to guard the hen house

Another interesting post over at small dead animals.

It seems the Liberals just know no end to their greed and now they've gotten to the point where they're not even trying to hide it. Their latest power grab is to create a super slush fund from the yearly budget surplus. It is from this proposed slush fund that the Libs, if they manage to stay in power, plan on paying out all their promises to the NDP.

The legislation in question, which is connected to the budget so will hopefully be defeated when the time comes, calls for a system in which the yearly surpluses, after the first 2 billion is used for the deficit, is left in an open fund to be used at the discretion of the cabinet with no parliamentary oversight. Just for some perspective on this, last years surplus was 9.1 billion dollars which under this legislation would have netted the Liberals 7.1 billion to do with as they please.

If nothing else points to the fact that it's time to remove these clowns from power, it has to be this idea that after 11 years of uncontrolled spending and fiscal mismanagement (adscam, HR boondoggle, billion dollar gun registry, etc..) that they should now be handed the keys to the vault with absolutely no review by the House of Commons. Finance Minister Goodale even had the gall to claim that this was continuing in the Liberals "fiscally responsible manner" of spending. You can cut the arrogance with a knife.


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