Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Still man's best friend

Saw this story about another heroic act by a dog in the paper this morning and just couldn't help but think "what would my neighbor's cat do in that situation?".

Not that I have anything against cats per se (in fact it's not unusual for Jake or Free Loader, two of the local felines, to come on into my place for a little drink and to play with the ferrets) but you just don't hear a lot of stories of cats saving abandoned infants. Just saying is all.

Not that my ferrets would be much more help. Weiser would most likely climb into the bag the baby was found in and go to sleep while Miller would just stop long enough to steal her socks (if she had any).

Update: changed the link from the Edmonton Sun to Yahoo! News since, as happens quite often with Canoe.ca links, the Edmonton Sun story disappeared.


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