Sunday, May 29, 2005

Some more good news from Iraq

Just saw this Washington Post article over at Captain's Quarters: Zarqawi Followers Clash With Local Sunnis.

In what can only be described as a win-win for the US military and the current US administration, the article describes the gunfights that occurred in and around the town of Husaybah, a predominately Sunni area of Iraq. The big difference in this story is that the Americans were not actually involved in the fights, but instead had the position of interested spectator.

The fighting was actually between a local Sunni tribe, the Sulaiman, and the forces of the terrorist leader, Zarqawi. It's actually a bit funny to read how both sides tried to keep their fire away from the Americans so as not to draw them into the battle. The Sunnis, so that they could defend their honor themselves, and Zarqawi's men, so they could stand a chance to survive.

In the icing on the cake, the article also mentions how the Sunnis were also willing to notify the Americans of the locations of other terrorists hideouts so that they could bomb them off the map.

It's a perfect illustration of what the Americans want in the region, a local military ready to defend their country but also willing to accept outside help when necessary.

Don't expect to be seeing this story brought up too much in the near future as it's actually a pretty positive story about how the war against the terrorists in Iraq is going. Unless some unreliable, unnamed source comes forward to say what atrocities the American were performing while watching the battle from afar. You know, like torturing a suspect by giving them a Big Mac Meal but only offering Diet Coke instead of regular.


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