Thursday, May 26, 2005

Season finales

That time of year has come when all good things (and a lot of not so good things) go the way of repeats. Seems like every time I caught a show in the last couple weeks it was their finale episode.

So here's a breakdown of how things ended this season and/or my general thoughts on each series I watch or have at least seen the finale for:
  • 24: Have to rank this 'day' as 4th out of the 4 so far. Will still watch next season though. Just have to see what new mean faces Jack comes up with when threatening to torture someone. I don't know about you but I could swear I could see Bruce Banner walking a few feet ahead of Jack at the end. And it wasn't in the credits but did anyone else hear the "Lonely Man Theme" at the end. No? Guess it was just me then.

  • Alias: Really, zombies? Come on now, zombies! Why do I even bother.

  • Lost: Nice explosion (the first one). Saw it coming, but nice timing none the less. Like every other episode, if you catch the last 5 minutes you're good to go. Best line of the series so far, Hurley to Jack, "You have some Arzt on you".

  • Smallville: Fortress of Solitude anyone? Learn to fly already!

  • NCIS: Bam!! I did NOT see that coming! Wow!

  • CSI: Good episode but the QT angle was blown out of proportion. Except for a few stylistic choices, that seemed out of place for the most part, and an interesting dream sequence it looked like every other episode to me. Still the best of the CSIs.

  • American Idol: Only saw 5 minutes of this show all season. The girl won. Hope that didn't ruin it for ya.

  • Cold Case: Liked John Billingsley but as it went on it became a bit to textbook serial killer for me.

  • CSI: Miami: This about covers it.

  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: PVR only recorded the first half! Now that's just annoying. Was forced to watch a "How'd they do that" episode just to see the finished product.

  • Joey: Who didn't see that coming a mile away. It's more believable than her ending up with Michael though.

  • Law and Order: Felt a bit wishy washy on this one but then again McCoy's been getting on my nerves lately and I can't really say why.

  • Crossing Jordan: Biggest surprise? I guess it was the fact that I didn't know Miguel Ferrer was a Clooney. I just don't see the resemblance. Other than that, it's nice to see Winkler on TV playing a pretty good part. I hope he sticks around a bit next season.

  • Without a Trace: After the previous episode anything not involving LaPaglia in an obvious old man suit is a welcome change.

  • The O.C.: Season ends with Marissa in trouble again. Big surprise there.

  • Numb3rs: Don't they have software for a lot of this stuff. Good show, but sometimes they really need to reach to get Charlie involved.

  • Las Vegas: A lot happening in this episode, maybe too much. Should be an interesting remodeling job coming up next season. One question, can't the producers afford better CGI?

  • House: IMO, probably the best new series this year. Like the give and take between House and Wards character during the last 2 episodes. On a side note, I always find it interesting that Fox's hit show is made by NBC. Just putting that out there.

  • ER: Like the whole porch collapse story line but the Carter leaving felt a bit anti-climactic.

  • Desperate Housewives: Yes I watch it. Not religiously, but enough. Anyways, get rid of Zach already. Sorry to see Steven Culp go, if he is truly gone. I must say, I find the guy's stories more interesting than the 'housewives'. Overall, a pretty good episode with a lot happening.

  • CSI: New York: A very uneven series in my opinion that does better when it focuses on Sinise. So based on that, this episode ended up in the "+" column in my books.

  • Medium: It was nice to see Capt. Push back, if only for this episode and probably the season 2 premiere. The good news is because of the nature of the show, no matter what happens they can bring him back for future episodes.
  • Enterprise: Just like Dark Angel, when I finally get into a series they cancel it. I think without the whole "Time Wars" story line from a couple seasons back, they may have been able to keep the audiences attention. The time thing has been way over done in the Trek universe. Has Voyager taught us nothing people. With all that in mind, I thought the ending was pretty well done, and I liked the tie in to Next Generation.
Oddly enough, I generally don't watch as much TV as this list implies. With the magic of my PVR I can generally watch an entire 60 minute episode in 35 minutes. Less for the wordy shows like O.C. and Smallville.

So I guess with all these gone to reruns I'll have to wait till July for SG-1 and Atlantis to start up. Till then I guess there's always Family Guy and occasionally American Dad. I'm still trying to figure out if I like AD though. It doesn't seem to have the same kick as Family Guy.

(can't believe it, only 2 spelling errors detected by Blogger spell check. Not counting proper names and abbreviations. Oddly enough, I made three in these few sentences but caught them by eye.)


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