Thursday, May 12, 2005

Jackson's Junction

Followed the link from Michelle Malkin's site to Jackson's Junction and found this little gem.

It is probably the most honest reaction I have ever had the pleasure of seeing to the over the top bitching of politicians. Congrats to Neil Cavuto on this one.

Anyway, the reason Michelle was linking to Jackson's Junction to begin with was because of this reply to Rep. John Conyers pitiful attempt to stir the Ohio election scandal pot again.

While Dirty Harry does a good job ripping apart all of the Congressman's straw man arguments (for about the thousandth time since the election) my own personal reply would be to ask Rep. Conyers to please refer to Neil's video two posts prior. But I guess Harry just has a little more patience that me.

Just browsing the site a little more and found this post with some great pics.


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