Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I love the small of election in the morning

You can always tell when a Canadian election is in the air. Conservative MP's try to point out the lack of accomplishments over the past 12+ years of Liberal reign, Liberal MP's travel the country offering money to every group who they think can muster up 5+ votes, NDP MP's do whatever they can to get under both groups skin and now finally the true indicator of an upcoming election, Liberal Ministers calling the Conservative party racist and inferring they are all KKK members.

The reason for Immigration Minister Volpe's shocking revelations? A couple Conservative members were photographed with a poster (seen here) making fun of the current Liberal problems with Adscam by comparing them to the Sopranos TV show. So of course, in a Liberal Minister's mind, 2 Conservatives holding a picture that depicts 8 rich white guys is somehow indicative of their Klan memberships.

Oddly enough, it seems hard to find too many online references to Volpe's outburst (I guess Liberal Minister's wild accusations are just not newsworthy anymore) but I have managed to find one from The Ottawa Sun here. Here's a excerpt with Volpe's statements:
The Opposition party is made up of racists, Volpe said yesterday, calling members recognizable "notwithstanding that they don't have their cowl and their cape."

"The Klan looks like it's still very much alive," Volpe added.

Volpe made the comments in response to a magazine graphic in which Liberals are depicted as The Liberanos, a mocking reference to The Sopranos. Conservative MPs Lee Richardson and Werner Schmidt were photographed this week pointing to the graphic from the Western Standard magazine.
Volpe's punishment for unfounded accusations of racism against the Conservative party, sadly, probably 4-5 more years as an MP (hopefully sitting in the opposition side if all goes well).

Every time the Liberals get into trouble they begin their smear campaign of their opponents. You will rarely here a Liberal campaign on the issues except to talk about the "hidden agenda" that those evil Conservatives have. The sad part is that too many of the public buy into their misdirection and are made so afraid of the "Devil they don't know" that they continue to vote in the "Devil they do".

But they do love their racism references. Just ask the Mayor of Prince George, BC.

Found this after writing up my post: a little more on this story over at Small Dead Animals.


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