Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bias in the media still going strong

Well in this case it's may be less the actual media's bias that is showing but more the bias in the people providing the access to the media. This story over at Right March (by way of LGF) shows how Google is using their position as the worlds #1 search engine to help push (or at least nudge) their political viewpoint.

Google has been accused of left leaning bias before, but mostly due to their odd selections for who does and does not qualify for their News service. In this case, Right March has taken a direct attack ad against Senator Tom Delay from a Democratic group and simply substituted Democratic Senator Nancy Pelosi's name instead. Google's response was to say they do not allow attack ads so the Anti-Pelosi ad was rejected.

Now this could have been a mistake, and maybe the Anti-Delay ad somehow got through their screening process, but when 98% of your organizations political donations go to one party, or their related groups, and an ad that goes against your own policies just happens to target a leader of the other party, it doesn't take much to connect the dots.

That being said, Google is not a government agency so is free to donate money to or accept ad revenues from whoever they see fit. My problem with them is the same as my problem with most of the mainstream media outlets; their inability to observe or at least admit, their own bias and how it is affecting their product(s).

While you should read the full article, Right March's overuse of underlining non-hyperlinked words may make finding the important links hard so here are the links to both the original anti-Delay ad and their proposed Anti-Pelosi one:


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